Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Gathering of Friends

I asked her what she wanted to do tonight. It was kind of late in the day and we hadn't been out on a Saturday night in a while but I also didn't want to sit in again. We had no workouts scheduled for the next morning.

She told me she wanted to take me to a party where I could meet her friends. She said since I had been messing with her about all the on-line friends she has, she wanted to introduce me to some of them. She said most of them were going to be at this house party. I said it sounds like fun and I was ready to meet more of her friends. Kind of an introduction of sorts.

The dress was casual. I wore jeans and a pull over. She wore an ankle length cotton dress and sandals. She still managed to make something so basic look so stunning.

We got to the house just as the sun was setting. It was a two story Victorian. The driveway was full of cars. Nothing too fancy. There was one Mercedes and a few Beamers but the rest were domestics.

We were greeted at the front door by a blond who said her name was Alex. She gave Alex a hug and introduced me. Alex gave me a smile and said she had heard about me and was just waiting to meet me. Alex invited us in.

The house seemed much bigger on the inside. There were at least a hundred people milling about. Far more than the cars outside would indicate. I couldn't tell if they were couples or just mingling to become couples for the night. I did not recognize anyone. She did though. She started introducing me to practically everyone. I later told her that she seems to be a popular girl. She gave me a sly smile.

I started talking to someone else when I noticed she was no longer by my side. I scanned the room and did not see her. I walked through the crowd, which seemed to double in size, and still could not find her. I found my way upstairs to another large room with more people I did not recognize. I thought I saw a glimpse of her walking in to another room off this room. I sped up my step and walked in to this room.

Along one of the walls were two opened French doors that appeared to lead out to a balcony. The doors had floor length drapes on the sides.

I walked through one of the doors and found myself standing on the edge of about a two foot overhang of some type. I looked down and was surprised. I thought the house was only two stories but the drop at this point was over forty feet. I did not remember walking up more that one flight of stairs. I then felt a slight push at my back and heard a recognizable short giggle.

I fell off the edge of the overhang but managed to grab a hold of the edge with my forearms. I looked up to see her standing there. She was looking down and her long hair happened to cover her face. She pulled her hair back so I could look into her eyes and see her smiling.

I asked her to give me a hand. I reached up but she didn't move. She just kept that same look. I said come on now this isn't funny. Just help me up. She did nothing. I then told her to pull me up before I fall. She said oh you want me to help you now. Where were you when I wanted help? Where were you when I wanted you?

I then said this was not funny and pull me up and we could talk about this. This is not the time for us to have a talk. I was thinking nothing good was going to come of this. I started to scan around to see if there were any other options since it was obvious she was not going to help me up. She was going to let me fall to my death. That I had to realize. There was no surviving this fall. I was not going to fall.

I looked to my right and saw a couple sitting on the ledge but they had no idea what was going on. They were lost in their own issues. I yelled at them for some help. Nothing.

I then looked back and saw that she was gone. I assumed she went back inside because there was no room on this ledge to hide. My arms were getting tired. I tried to swing one of my legs up on the ledge to no avail. I was losing strength by the minute. Just then a breeze picked up and started blowing those floor length curtains out towards me. Maybe this was what I needed.

I reached out to try and grab the curtain. Just out of my reach. The wind picked up again enough for me to give it one more try. I thrust myself up and grabbed the bottom of the curtain with my left hand. Yes. A nice firm grip. I then grabbed with my right hand. I was then able to pull myself up on the ledge. I caught my breath and gathered my thoughts.

I stood outside the French doors and took a look inside. I wanted to catch her by surprise if she was standing there yapping up her victory to friends. I could not see her in the room. As a matter of fact, there was no one in the room. Not fifteen minutes ago there were over twenty people in this room.

I back tracked through the house from what I could remember. The house was completely empty. How could this be? Was this some sort of set up from the beginning? Was this an elaborate plan for my death?

I walked outside and all the cars were gone. Even my car. Do I call the police? And tell them what. Hey there was this party and everone left me hanging on the edge. Yeah right. Nope. A better plan.

Let the hunt begin.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Cleansing....

This blog, whether read or not, will be used for me to get some things off my chest. Clear my head. Kind of an outlet for me to soothe the soul. My therapist says it is what I need. Who knows what I may write. Most, if not all, will be made up. All characters are figments of mine and others imaginations. Some of the "shorts" could be from dreams of mine or dreams of others told to me as I interpret them. They could also be experiences I had, was supposed to have or may never be. I may even throw in a few surprises. But again remember....this is all make believe. Or is it? You be the judge.

Enjoy. Or not.