Monday, November 28, 2011

The Softer Side of Walt...

I was cleaning out stuff for storage and downsizing a little this past weekend when I came across some old writings of mine. One of which was a short love story of some sort. I forgot I had written it. I will share it with you word for word.


What you are about to read contains no sex or violence. This is a fictional story. All names and or characters are made up by the author. Any similarities to real life is completely coincidental.

The day had finally arrived. This day they had both dreamed about. This is going to be one of their most important, most memorable and special days of their lives to come. They have both had days in the past that they consider special but from this day forward all days will be shared together. Whether good or bad. Today is going to be the first day of many. Because today they finally get married.

Now don't let that shock you. I'm sure you may have heard from many sources that they were already married, to each other that is. Also, sources would have you believe this day was never going to happen. That their love was just a passing phase. Well take it from me ladies and gentlemen, nothing about this couple is a passing phase. Theirs is true love if I ever saw it.

They have travelled a rough road to get here. And I'm not talking about that mountain road they took to the cabin. By the way, I hear they have flannel bed covers at the cabin, but hey that's another chapter in another book. Together they have experienced joy and happiness and pain and sadness. Times have been low and times have been high. But they never gave up on each other.

These same sources that were previously mentioned often tried to influence them into separating from each other. They would not listen and only grew closer. They have this unexplainable magnetism for each other. They have surprised many, but they have often realized that they don't live for those, they live for each other.

They both decided they would marry out of town and have friends and family over to their house shortly after they return from their honeymoon. Finding a honeymoon location was easy. It was the church that was hard. They got a little help from the owner's of the cabin. They suggested a small church just east of town that was often used for romantic weddings. They even offered to be witnesses if needed.

The church was about two miles east of the cabin. It was a one story wood framed and stone building. The wood was painted white. Stone stairs led to the double stained glass doors. Inside the church there were twenty rows of pews separated by a center isle leading to the alter. The church had been reserved for this occasion weeks ago and they called a few days ago to remind the minister of their visit. The flowers, which were picked out by the bride to be, were placed at the alter.

They both spoke to the minister and his wife about the trip up and about themselves. How they met and where they were headed as a couple. They didn't even notice that they had been holding hands ever since entering the church. They were in love.

They both turned to each other and said I love you simultaneously. They both smiled. He asked if she was ready. She said yes and returned the question. He also said yes.

The minister's wife took her out of the chapel so she could change in to her dress. Her wedding dress was a surprise to him. He had no idea that she had bought one. She managed to keep it hidden from him the entire trip.

He changed clothes in the minister's office. Shortly after he had changed, the minister told him his bride-to-be was ready. That is when it finally hit him. He suddenly realized that he was nervous. Not a nervousness that caused him to have second thoughts but one that made him realize that the one day he had been waiting for was finally here. He sat and thought for a minute. She is going to be his wife, his partner, his soulmate and his best friend. They were going to have kids together. Share life together. Have kids together. Experience new things together. And most importantly grow old together. He smiled and quickly checked his pocket for the ring. He then left the room to wait for her at the alter.

He stood by the alter next to the minister. He noticed the cabin owners had arrived to be witnesses. He wanted all to witness but they agreed the wedding would be small.

While waiting for her, he began to daydream about their time together. How they got to this point. How she made him feel alive. He was then startled by the music. This is when he saw her.

She was standing at the entrance to the church. The sunlight was shining through the glass doors and caused a glow around the frame of her body. He was so glad she had not shown him the dress. She was absolutely stunning. At that moment, more than any other time before, he realized that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Also at that precise time he felt a tear run down his cheek.

To be continued...

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